Arterosil Arterosil HP- 60 caps

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Your Glycocalyx: The Key to Arterial Elasticity Arterial elasticity comes from a having a healthy glycocalyx. The glycocalyx is a thin, smooth inner lining of every blood vessel in your body. When the glycocalyx is healthy, blood flows more easily and your arteries are more flexible. When it is damaged, blockages can occur through cholesterol and other substances adhering to the blood vessel walls.

Your glycocalyx is fragile — it is easily damaged by sugars, fats and stress. But it can repair itself when it receives the right nutrition. Arterosil is based on a rare green seaweed whose biochemistry is very similar to the glycocalyx. When you consume this seaweed, your body uses it to rebuild the glycocalyx.

A new clinical study tested the hypothesis that ArterosilHP rapidly improves arterial elasticity and pulse wave reflections through enhancing the endothelial glycocalyx and its mediated arterial function. Nineteen healthy human subjects were randomly recruited for a single blinded clinical study, which was conducted at an independent cardiology center on the Baylor Medical Campus in Plano, Texas. The vascular health condition was evaluated utilizing an FDA cleared, Class II plethysmography device. Results of the study showed these average percentage improvements in arterial function within 60 to 90 minutes of consuming the product:

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